Sequel to the introduction of NBS from April 2010 and subsequently increase the price of potash in international market and cascading effect in domestic market the consumption of potash has drastically reduced in India.However there is a need to educate the farmers that use of potash is still profitable. For this we shall implement the above project from 2013 -14 to 2015-2016 by all our 15 regional offices at all India level to popularize the use of potash in crop production and increase the yield.


The history of Indian Potash Limited (IPL) is indeed history of potash acceptance in India. From 1947 to 1955 there were number of importers of MOP mainly for application on tea / coffee gardens and other plantation crops. In 1955 these importers formed a consortium for joint working and named it as Indian Potash Supply Agency (IPSA) for import and distribution of MOP throughout the country.

The main objective of IPSA was to create awareness among the farmers on the use of Potash. However, to take the initiative further in 1970 IPSA was converted into Indian Potash Limited (IPL) and its equity base was expanded with Cooperative Sectors, Fertiliser Companies in both Private and Public Sectors with major shares with Cooperative Sectors. Hence, it can be called a Joint Sector Organization.

Now after more than 5 decades the potash consumption in the country has been reported at about 64 Lakh MTs from a mere 12000 MTs in 1955. In this process IPL has created many firsts in its journey like induction of Audio Visual Van for educating the farmers and had taken up various projects to improve the awareness of Potash in the country. It includes field demonstrations and direct communication with farmers by organizing farmers meeting, field days, crop seminars, rural melas, exhibitions and hoarding, wall paintings and printing various informative books on application of Potash for balanced application.

IPL is the largest importer of fertiliser in the country and second largest buyer of fertilisers in international market. IPL imports fertilisers through all the Indian ports and it is the only company in India which handles fertilisers throughout the year at all ports.

As part of strengthening our relationship with the farmers and to improve the connectivity in rural areas, we started production and marketing of Cattle Feed all over the country. In this process, we commenced our production and distribution of feeds from two plants – one at Sikandrabad (U.P.) and another at Renigunta (A.P.) to meet the requirement of states in northern and southern India.

We are also into dairy development to help the farmers. In this process, we have established one dairy plant in Kundli, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana and another dairy plant at Sikandrabad, District Bulandshahar, U.P. We are working in close coordination with M/s. Mother Dairy to develop our dairy division. We are marketing our milk products – Ghee / Milk Powder under brand name "IPL Dairy Fresh".

We have acquired five Sugar Units in U.P. during the financial year 2010-2011. The company also hopes to expedite the work on two joint venture products namely Green Field Port Facility on Gujarat coast and an Integrated Sugar Complex with Co-generation and Distillery in Bihar marking advent of a new major phase in its life. As a result, our company has started IPL Gujarat Ports Limited and IPL Sugar and allied products during the year 2011-12.

We are also into trading of precious metals (gold and silver). We have agreement with MMTC to market their gold and silverware all over India. We have also started a retail showroom in the style of "IPL Swarnalaya". The first retail showroom is in Delhi at Potash Bhawan. We have identified two more locations at Patna and Lucknow where we have our own buildings for this purpose.

The success of IPL can be assessed from the way the MOP consumption has increased throughout the country.


We have been in fertiliser field for more than 5 decades and during this period many changes have taken place in the country with remarkable developments in various sectors. IPL is also affected by overall changes in the country but it is for bettering the services to the farmers through its various diversifications in the field of rural development. While our main thrust is on providing quality fertilisers to the farmers of this country at the same time our efforts are to provide support to improve their quality of life by meeting their needs in providing quality cattle feeds, milk & milk products which helped them for better realization for their products.

Though IPL was started to promote Potash (K2O) in the country to have balanced fertiliser application, over the years, IPL has started importing various fertilisers to the country. During 2011-12, our import and sale of various fertilisers is around 11 million tonnes. During the financial year 2011-12, our turnover is around Rs.26,000 crores.

IPL continuous to work hard in rural area especially with farmers of the country to improve their agriculture production and also to make their lives more comfortable.



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